openHAB proxy items and groups

Lights in my home automation setup may be controlled multiple ways: by a physical switch hardwired to the light, by a button on a UI screen, or by a rule in response to some other events. To keep it simple, I combine the design patterns for Proxy Items,for Groups and for Associated Items. I define rules for the desired behavior at the level of a group, and then assign the lights to that group.
With this setup, the proxy item will always correctly reflect the status of the light, independent of what caused that status (command from a rule, gesture on a physical control, gesture on a UI element).

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My Home Automation story, part 1: Objectives

I decided to install some IoT equipment as an experiment, primarily to see if/how “home automation” would affect my behavior and decisions in daily life. I am basically using myself as a guinea pig, to study how technology will affect daily routine … and as a nice side effect, I get to dabble in electronics and embedded software!

Let me share with you how I designed and implemented a home automation solution in my house. The focus of these posts is not just on technology, on how I did it, but also on why I did it: what were my objectives? What were the expected vs the real benefits? Are there any lessons learned? This is about sharing my experience in defining and building something, not giving you my opinions on what you should want.

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Why? Who? What?

Why am I writing this blog? Over the years, I have benefited from technical knowledge freely shared by others, and from Open Source software in particular. So now I feel it is time for me to give back, to share some of the insights I have had, and some of the code and schematics I have created, with the community. In the spirit of full disclosure, I’ll also admit that I see this as an opportunity to showcase my skills

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